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Truckers continuously show their kindness by helping out many different people every day. Whether from a third-party logistics company or a self-employed truck driving service, these people continue to show why it's important to be good to your fellow man.

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Bill Hutson - Table Talk Ministries
Helping the Elderly, Disabled and Disadvantaged Maintain Their Homes To A Livable Standard


Table Talk Ministries - Bill HutsonWe heard about Bill Hutson and the organization he established to help folks unable to make much needed repairs to their homes.

After getting off the road hauling loads all week, Bill helping people in need since 2002 deserves to be put in our Spot Light.

Bill is a Trucker making a difference in the lives of now over 200 people who have been helped by Table Talk Ministries. For the record, most of the money used for the free home repairs comes from the pocket of Bill as he keeps rolling ahead to help the next person in need.

Learn more here about how to help Bill with his mission which includes helping truckers in need.


Wounded Warriors Project
To honor and empower Wounded Warriors


Did you know over 45,000 men and women...our American Soldiers...who stood toe to toe with hostile forces...were seriously injured as they fought for America which allowed you to keep on trucking.

That many injured soldiers and still counting need your help.

Join Trace Adkins and the Wounded Warriors Project as they take on the challenge in many ways to help our soldiers.

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Drum Hike - A Soldier's Hike For Heroes  

7000 Miles Across America For Military Families In Need

Iraqi War Veteran, SPC Troy Yocum, deserves to be in the Trucker Spotlight.

First for his service to help protect our country then for highlighting the dire conditions many present military families and veterans are facing as America fights for survival.

Banging his drum as he walks America, Troy is raising awareness and sounding the cause for $5 million dollars to help military families in need.

One important thought to keep in mind is that many male and female soldiers are driving the big rigs being used to win the war.

Donations can be made at

Money raised is being distributed to military familes through The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation



Operation Rodger - Truckers Pet Transport

Be An Operation Rodger Pet wanted to put Operation Rodger - Truckers Pet Transport in our Trucker's Spotlight for 2 Reasons

1. The organization, the group of volunteer truckers and layover teams all deserve to be recognized for bringing joy to hundreds of new pet owners and for especially bringing joy to animals most often destined to be destroyed.

2. We wanted our visitors to be aware of an organization that is set up to help transport animals across the state or country to their new owners. You may want to become a volunteer or know of someone who needs this help to adopt a pet.



Ellen Voie, President /CEO Founder of

Ellen's varied career in the trucking industry started in 1980. She has been a traffic manager, dispatcher and a freelance transportation consultant.

She is an author of several books and writer of articles published in magazines and on the internet. Ellen helped found and organize Trucker's Pride Day in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Today, she is using to help women overcome obstacles preventing them from becoming truckers. Read More



Cupcake Man

Cupcake Man


The time for Cupcake Man who drove the big rig truck for the Wonder Bread / Hostess company to pass the house located on the stretch of Highway 61 between Memphis and Clarksdale was getting... Read More