Trucker WiFi Locator: Find WiFi Access Locations Across The U.S.



Using the Trucker WiFi Locator links below to increase your chances of access to the internet as you are traveling the U.S. can improve your productivity and find loads quicker.

With a little planning and research using the links provided, you may be surprised to learn that coffee shop you've passed up before actually has a Wi-Fi access system set up for their customers or that five block area of Spokane is a free public Wi-Fi access area.

Seeing what WiFi access is available along the way on your trip could prove to be valuable information. Big Rig, knowing time saved could be more money in your pocket, has included the Wi-Fi access locator links listed below to help you start the search.

While there is no guarantee you will find a WiFi access link in the area you are traveling, it may be worthwhile to use the links to see where and if Wi-Fi internet access is available in the area you will be hauling a load.

Some of the links list public Wi-Fi access and some links are private Wi-Fi access which still may allow you access to their Wi-Fi service.

McDonald's or a hotel's would be an example of a private W-Fi access system that may allow access but it depends on the management.

Recently while in a small Texas town, we could not get WiFi access at the local McDonalds but the Super Eight Hotel located next door allowed general access on that particular day.

Lowes's offers free Wi-Fi at their stores.

While the small town you're in today may not have a Wi-Fi access sytem, the next city 30 miles away may have a system to access. That is still better than driving 2 or more hours to a truckstop to get Wi-Fi access.

Keep in Mind that many Free Wi-Fi Sites are NOT Safe to Use. Ma ny legitimate hotspots aren’t secure and are vulnerable to attack from hackers and identity thieves. Learn More At: (Public Access)

We hope the Trucker WiFi Locator helped you.

If you of any other Wi-Fi locator links we need to add to the list, please use our "Contact Page" on the navigation bar to let us know.

We'll be happy to add the link.