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Find Freight Load Boards in one place was designed by Big Rig with you in mind. You don't have time to spend searching all over the internet looking for available freight loads.

Find Freight from DAT’s TruckersEdge – First 30 Days FREE

Truckers Edge 30 Day FreeWe know many truckers prefer joining a load board or several load boards as a fee paying member to increase their chances of finding a better paying load, avoid deadheading and finding a load closer to home

Our mission is to get enough information in your hands to allow you to find a load quicker instead of using your down time and layover time trying to search the internet for a load board.

Don't forget about our Free Freight Load Boards page located on the left navigation bar.

We want to make sure you are aware of both types of freight boards.

Our job is to help the trucker who gets beat up enough by the high gas prices, road taxes and tight deadlines.

Use both types of freight boards to make things happen to be successful.

Freight Load Boards Cost

Cost to join the freight load boards vary from $9 to over $40 per month with many offering different level price packages and some free services.

Keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best especially when you're burning up money sitting at a truck stop playing the waiting game.

Is Joining Freight Load Boards Worth It?

Locating several good paying loads over the year and especially locating the needed loads to avoid deadheading home should more than pay for your annual member cost several times over.

The benefits of getting loads in a timely manner along with the other member benefits provided by fee based freight load sites could be well worth joining.

Like Big Rig stated earlier; use the free and fee paying load boards to maximize your opportunities for success.


Freight Load Boards


Find Freight from DAT’s TruckersEdge – First 30 Days FREE! We are a freight matching service with 100,000 unique loads posted daily. Dutch Style Freight Load Board Connects shippers and carriers in minutes. Get loads sent directly to your email address or cell phone. Free trial. 24/7 Dispatch Service Find Truck Loads By Phone and Online


Big Rig hopes the Find Freight Load Boards page was a helpful tool in your search for loads and trucks.