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You can choose to be a driver in truck driving jobs as diverse as being a flat bed driver hauling monster loads over mountains to being a local dump truck driver sleeping in your own bed each night.

Driving a big rig thousands of miles a week and on the road several weeks at a time may be just the trucking job for you.

Consider being a Long Haul driver of dry vans, refrigerated vans(reefers), flat bed trucks or tanker rigs. Don't forget to also consider being a LTL driver (less than truck load) if you like the idea of driving double or triple trailer combinations regionally or over the road.

Hate the idea of being away from home weeks at a time but love the idea of driving big rig trucks?

Go for the local driver jobs such as moving cargo containers around in intermodal yards, moving empty and loaded trailers around the yard at large companies, driving cement trucks, driving solid waste trucks and delivering goods for local retail stores such as furniture stores. Regional truck driving jobs can get you back home quicker if not the same day.

While trying to decide what types of truck driving jobs fit your style or needs, keep in mind there are three main types of truck drivers in the transportation industry. You may have to start as a company driver to get the money in the bank but the passion to be your own boss

  • Company Driver - Main headaches you have is get the load there on time, avoid accidents and hope they don't go out of business.
  • Owner Operator Without Authority - Truck or trucks owned by you are leased to a trucking company or you contract, under a trucking company's authority as an independent contractor, to haul freight for their customers.
  • Owner Operator With Own Authority - As an independent business owner with your own truck or trucks and with your own authority, you are allowed to locate and haul freight loads while building your own customer base of freight brokers, shippers and/or manufacturers. 

You may have to start as a company driver to get the money in the bank but a driving passion to be your own boss as an owner operator could have you owning a big rig in no time.

Review the trucking jobs ads posted on this page to see which trucking company offers the best options for you to reach your goals of blending your personal life with your business life.


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