Are Free Freight Load Boards Here to Stay?




Free freight load boards typically sponsored by factoring companies or by trucking companies with freight broker divisions controlling large volumes of freight to move are filling a niche in the industry.

They are listening to the internal market in the trucking industry that is asking for free access to load sites.

Everybody loves free but it can come with a price that at times many truckers may decide has a bad taste after they take a bite.

Will they become the standard in the industry?

Big Rig believes the free freight load boards serve a useful purpose in the industry by letting sponsors through advertising pay the expenses of the free load boards. Many in the industry want them but not as their only option. It is a fact that free access to loads can at times help keep money in the trucker's pocket.

However, they will not become the standard anytime soon if at all. Instead, the free freight load boards will be treated as another tool to use in the trucking industry.

Free Freight Load Boards

When searching the internet; you'll see many sites with the word "Free" in their site description.

Looking closer at the sites reveal their "Free" typically means a 30 day free trial which can still be a great way to try before you pay.

Some of the sites are actually 100% free to use or at least offer some free services without having to pay a monthly fee. (Displays Landstar Loads Only)


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Truckers, brokers, and shippers will peruse and occasionally use the free load boards if they happen upon a good deal. In fact, they should as prudent business entities try to use these free load boards whenever possible to save money.

However, all three will still rely on the membership sites to have access to the main action found on the membership load sites.

Neither shippers, brokers nor truckers will abandon membership load sites anytime soon.

They are too smart to put all their eggs in one basket especially a basket dependent on one advertiser or possibly several advertisers continuing to financially support a free freight load board. 

One major advertiser pulling out could severely hurt the free freight load boards. They will also be wary of a handful of trucking companies with brokerage divisions possibly controlling the market on free freight load boards.

Other factors will continue to make membership load sites attractive to all three groups. 

Shippers have to make sure their load gets moved on time by utilizing all options available.

Truckers are wary of what they think will be lower freight rates awaiting them on the free freight load boards but still may grudgingly visit them to avoid deadheading back home. On the other hand, a trucker who has the time may actually find some good freight to haul on the free boards. 

Brokers like everybody else want to try to save a buck whenever possible. They'll experiment with a "Free Load Board" but will still post their loads on a member load site in a heartbeat if their load sits too long. The urgent need to get their customer's freight off of the dock dictates they use all avenues possible at their disposal.

The free sites are great but you really should really think about being where the true action is taking place; the fee paying load sites.

Even better, why not use both free and member load boards?

You'll increase your odds for success in locating the load and truck that meets your needs by utilizing our Find Freight Load Boards page to save time.

The membership fee load websites listed offer different levels of options at different prices. The prices range from $9 per to over $40 per month.

A few good paying loads and not deadheading home will more than pay for your annual membership at the load web sites.

It's your call! 

Big Rig's mission is to give you options and tools that fit your needs in one place.