Deer Whistle Electronic Systems Compared To Air-Activated Deer Whistle

Deer Whistle ElectronicElectronic Deer Whistles start working as soon as the switch is flipped to the “on” position.

Ideal mounting locations include anywhere under the front side of the vehicle such as under the bumper, behind an open pattern grill, on a cross-member, or on the radiator shroud. The device is required to have an up front vehicle attachment location. 

An unobstructed clear view of the road surface directly below the deer whistle is also required. 

The device emits a high pitched, directional sonic wave, which when reflected from the road surface of a moving vehicle (at all speeds), produces a virtual sonic echo effect. 

This sonic wave has proven its ability to alert deer and most other animals of your approaching vehicle up to 1000 feet depending on which deer whistle model is used. 

How Does the Sonic Echo Help You?

The virtual sonic echo is not designed to scare the deer away as you would reasonably think. Instead the sonic echo generated alerts the deer that a new and different noise is in the area and to pay close attention to the potential danger.

The noise gets louder as your big rig gets closer. The deer already taking notice of your approaching vehicle well before you reach them reduces the chances of the deer being unexpectedly spooked by your big rig. deer whistle 

Deer when spooked take off running with no sense of direction as they try to make their escape. Their escape route many times is right into the path of the on-coming vehicle. 

Does it actually work?

While no deer avoidance system on the market can guarantee total freedom from the potential of colliding with a deer; the Hornet design was tested on deer accident-prone police and emergency vehicles over a 3-year period with more than 6 million proven accident-free miles before it was brought to market.

This proven deer avoidance device along with good defensive driving skills will greatly reduce your chances of a deer collision but not totally eliminate the possibility.

Big Rigs are not indestructible when it comes to deer collisions. One collision cost the owner of a Freightliner big rig over $8,000 in repairs after a deer ran out in front of his truck. 

Deer Deer Everywhere 

Recently an owner of a good sized trucking company had three trucks damaged extensively by hitting deer on the interstate in a matter of just a few weeks.

One truck had damage in the range of $16,000 in repairs, another truck's deer related repair cost was $13,000 and the last truck's repairs came in at just over $5,000 dollars. 

Deductibles of $5,000 per incident will make you get out of your chair to look for solutions.


Reasons For Deer Vehicle Crash FatalitiesWhy Not Buy a Cheap Air Activated Deer Whistle?

  • Air Activated devices on the other hand only start working when speeds of 30 to 50 miles an hour and above are reached. 

Keep in mind that if you are driving into a 20 mile an hour wind, you must add 20 miles an hour to your speed to get the air activated deer whistle to work. Actual activation speed is then 50 to 70 miles an hour.

  • Electronic generated sonic wave ranges are 3 to 5 times greater than the sonic wave ranges generated by the air activated systems.

Deer Car Collisions Equal Serious Injuries

  • Maintenance  is required to ensure that debris, rain and snow is not blocking the device making it inoperative.
  • Electronic deer avoidance systems can be turned on and off which allows you to hear them and know that it is working
  • Peter Scheifele, an animal bioacoustics and audiology expert at the University of Connecticut conducted a scientific study on air-fed deer whistles and concluded the small plastic devices attached to vehicle bumpers are "acoustically ineffective".


Deer Population Is Growing

The deer population is estimated to be between 20 and 30 million and still growing.

Fewer active hunters, current hunting restrictions in place and with fewer natural predators like mountain lions and wolves, the chances of your big rig colliding with deer will indeed grow in the future.

Big Rig can’t make the decision for you in respect to which type of device is better for you or if they actually work as advertised.

Use the links to the products to go read customer reviews of the products.

Deer Whistles For Motorcycles

Deer and Motorcycle

You can also buy
 electronic deer whistles for motorcycles. 




Whether you decide to purchase an electronic or air activated device; we recommend the following:

  • Thoroughly read the manufacturer’s information and warranties before making your decision.
  • Drive defensively at all times even with purchasing a deer whistle because no company can guarantee you’ll never hit a deer.
  • Greatly reducing your chances is better than ignoring the growing deer collision probability especially with you trying to keep 80,000 pounds on the road to get back home safely to your family.
  • Verify with your insurance company that deer collisions are covered by your insurance policy. Many unsuspecting vehicle owners have had to shell out thousands of dollars from their own pocket for vehicle repairs after they found out the hard way that their insurance policy did not cover deer collisions. 

Also check to see if they offer a rate deduction if you have a deer whistle on your vehicle. Every dollar saved helps somewhere else.





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