Cupcake Man Was Our Hero


Cupcake Man

The time for Cupcake Man who drove the big rig truck for the Wonder Bread / Hostess company to pass the house located on the stretch of Highway 61 between Memphis and Clarksdale was getting close. 

During the week at about the same time each day in the late 1960's and early 1970's, the kids gathered in the front yard of the house ready to get down to some serious business.

They would peer down Highway 61 hoping to be the first one to see the white Hostess big rig coming down the highway.

Why would the kids care about a big truck coming down the highway?

It wasn't just any truck; it was the most important truck in the world to the kids. It was the truck that had Hostess Cupcakes.

It was the truck that had the great kind driver who threw out several packages of cupcakes from the cab of the truck to the kids.

We would jump off the porch at the sound of the truck's horn blowing and raced to retrieve the packages of cupcakes that were now flying through the air safely away from the highway and towards the house. You raced hard to be lucky enough to be one of the winners that day.

The trucker we called the Cupcake Man pulled down on the horn one more long time and waved as he disappeared down Highway 61.

I never knew who the truck driver was but he did teach me as a kid to be kind to people and to try to bring a little happiness into people's lives.

Thank you, Cupcake Man, for bringing me some happiness as a kid and thank you,, for posting my story.