Operation Rodger - Truckers Pet Transport


Operation Rodger - Truckers Pet Transport



Based out of Joshua, Texas, Operation Rodger Truckers Pet Transport and their nationwide group of volunteer truckers is saving the lives of hundred of animals who would most likely be destroyed mainly due to overcrowding at animal shelters.

These once doomed animals are now the loving pets of happy individuals across America thanks to the group of volunteer truckers located through out the United States who are making a difference.

Operation Rodger Truckers Pet Transports and their group of trucker volunteers whole-heartedly deserve to be in our Truckers' Spotlight.

Realizing that high shipping cost is preventing thousands of people who would love to adopt and save an animal from death; Operation Rodger has created and is expanding the network of truckers responsible for bringing much joy to humans and animals alike.

Even animals at rescue centers are being adopted quicker which relieves the financial burdern of feeding so many animals for long periods of time.

Learn how you can be an Operation Rodger Truckers or how to adopt a pet by visiting their web site.

Operation Rescue - Truckers Pet Transport

Keep Up The Great Work, Operation Rodger Truckers!