Table Talk Ministries and Bill Hutson

Started by Bill in 2002, Table Talk Ministries, a 501c3 public charity, has helped over 200 folks get their houses back up to a livable standard. Folks helped include the elderly, disabled and the disadvantaged for one reason or another.  

Bill's efforts to help has been a blessing to many people including the truckers needing a helping hand when tough times hit them as they were fighting to get back on their feet.

He estimates since 2002 they   have spent somewhere between $250K and $300,000.00 making repairs for people needing help. Much of the money used has been his own personal money combined with donations.

Donations are allocated 100%
 into the projects as Bill pays all the overhead and he also make
up the difference after those donations have been used up on projects.

Some examples of how Bill has helped truckers include completing a bathroom/utility room rebuild, replacing a roof and a kitchen renovation. 

How Bill has managed to do repairs to over 200 homes while performing his trucking job at Showtime Concession Supply is hard to imagine but he makes it happen in between runs from Pennsylvania to Idaho and Michigan to Tennessee.

Table Talk Ministries mainly works in Indiana. However, Bill's past clients include folks in twelve other states after reading their emails submitted to his website asking for help.

Bill and Table Talk Ministries treat everybody the same and requires everybody seeking help to provide the same specific information when requesting help. You can review the requested information here.

We asked Bill how can people in the trucking industry help him and the Table Talk Ministries to do the Lord's work at this time in March 2013.

Bill responded with the following information.

  • Table Talk Ministries is in need of a better truck to make the scheduled home repairs. Bill is looking for one now; he has already worn out two trucks in the past ten years. (Keep in mind a truck in good condition donated to a 501c3 public charity can be a nice tax deduction instead of taking the low offer from a car dealer. Of course, check with your accountant.)
  • There is only one small bathroom project lined up for the remainder of March but there is already $55K in work lined for 2013 with $11,000 lined up in possible grants.
  • While extremely happy that donations of building materials has filled 3 sheds and a barn, Table Talk Ministries feels at this time the best tool needed to help with their mission to help people with their homes is cash donations.

    However, Bill is still interested in discussing with you about any possible building material donations that you may wish to make to the ministry. He has to be selective at this time to avoid the expense of building another storage shed.

You can make a cash donation at their web site here while learning more about Table Talk Ministries.

Visit their Facebook page here to learn more about the great work being done for people needing help with their homes.