Women In Trucking CEO Shining In Our Spotlights


Ellen Voie

We are saluting and putting our spotlights on Ellen Voie, the President/CEO Founder of Women In Trucking, Inc., who is working hard to increase the awareness of the successes made by women truckers now working in the industry.

She is using the internet to celebrate the success of women truckers while promoting the trucking industry as a viable industry for women to obtain and enjoy employment as truckers. The non profit organization also helps men overcome obstacles preventing them from entering the industry.

With the creation of the web site,  womenintrucking.org in March 2007 by Ellen to get the message out about the Women In Trucking Association's mission to promote the employment of women in the trucking industry, remove obstacles that might keep them from succeeding, and to celebrate the successes of its members.

She doesn't just talk the talk. In December 2008, Ellen attended Tri-C Truck Driver Academy in Cleveland, OH to earn her Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL.)

Visit  womenintrucking.org to read about inspirational and pioneering women truckers like 23 year big rig veteran driver Jakki Fox and 31 year veteran trucker, Linda Jones, in the web site's "My Story" section.

BigRigCentral.com agrees women should be accepted as truckers.

The service industry supporting truckers should start taking women's needs into consideration when designing equipment like big rigs and truck stops.

They have proven over and over they can get the job done. Like the male truckers, many women are the only breadwinner who are just trying to feed and support their family.

Visit and support the womenintrucking website because someday it may be your mother, daughter, niece or granddaughter climbing into a big rig to earn a living as a driver who deserves to be respected.

Keep up the great work, Ellen!