Freight Load Board For Owner Operators 


Why waste your time looking for freight loads without the proper tools that other successful owner operators are now using daily?


As the publisher of, I get a report of owner operators who have joined DAT's TruckersEdge load board through our web site.


I wanted to share an important fact found in my weekly report with our web site visitors especially owner operators and even small carrier companies.


We are seeing owner operators who joined TruckersEdge via our web site, as far back as the years 2009 and 2010, still partnering with the biggest and best truck load board in the USA.


Let the freight load specialists at TruckersEdge be your partner in locating freight and backhaul loads. There are a variety of tools available to fine tune your operation to improve your chances of being successful.


TruckersEdge gives drivers access to available loads from the DAT® Network, the largest load database on the internet with 250,000 fresh loads posted daily.


Services include unlimited truck load searching and truck posting, free credit scores, and days to pay details, fuel card and fuel tax reporting, mileage and routing information, alarm match notification, phone-in posting and searching, rate index and access from virtually any smart phone.



Find Freight from DAT’s TruckersEdge – First 30 Days FREE


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Owner Operators are using DAT Load Boards to find more loads and put more money in their pockets!

Are you?


JD Russell