Young Couple Trucking Is A Way To Make $100K Per Year - Build A Savings Nest Egg

The great prospects for a young couple trucking team are being overlooked as most transportation companies focus on couples in the 55 year old range who are nearing retirement and looking for a second career. 

Big Rig recommends that even young couples with or without a college education just starting life together research the trucking lifestyle.

Why Are We Saying That?

Are your career options right now in the $6.00 to $10.00 an hour range with no hope for advancement? If you are a young couple at least 21 years of age who has decided to hold off on having a family until later in life when you can financially afford to have children, a young couple trucking career may be just the ticket to put real money in your pocket to build up a good savings nest egg over several years. When the time comes to start your family, you’ll have the money when mom can’t work. 

Young Couples, It’s Your Decision To Get Ahead In Life!

Big Rig wanted to make sure you see a trucking career as a viable way to get ahead in life. Let’s do a quick comparison based on you both earning $8.00 per hour with each of you working 40 hours per week for 52 weeks a year. 

That is $8.00 x 2080 hrs= $16,640 x 2 salaries = $33,280.00 annually

Driving as a Team: Note - Miles could be more and pay per mile could be more. We used the average amounts for miles and pay. Average 4000 miles a week x .37 cent s a mile =$79,040.00 annually

The difference per year of staying in your two - $8.00 an hour jobs versus starting a trucking career as a team is $45,760.00. As you can see, driving as a team for say five years brings you an extra $228,800.00 before taxes. You’ll have the money to buy a house and start your family.

Would it be easy?

No, the trucking business is a tough business with demanding schedules.

Both of you will be tired from not enough sleep, driving 4000 miles a week and cranky from being together 24/7.

The tradeoff is building a nice savings nest egg to start your family without going into major debt. Young couple trucking could be your way out to improve your finances.

Why Would Young Couples Turn to a Trucking Career?

Young couple trucking is quite attractive for many reasons:

  • Combined pay can exceed over $100K a year for good company team drivers. Keep in mind that a couple who are big rig owner operators and drive as a team can possibly make over $200K a year if you work smart and hard.  
  • You’ll get to actually see the United States, Canada and eventually Mexico.  
  • You’ll have the freedom of the road instead of a 9 to 5 cubicle life.  
  • Some couples love being together all the time. We didn’t say all couples.  
  • Couples see it as a way to save up a large amount of money.  

Trucking is More a Lifestyle Than a Career

Keep in mind it doesn’t matter if you are 21 or 55; trucking is a more a lifestyle than a career.

You will live in your truck more than you will live in a house which brings up an interesting point. An Over the Road (OTR) trucker is typically home every 14 days with 2 to 4 days off usually.Some companies allow you to build up time to take a month off from the road.

Are you a young couple renting a place right now? Why not do the reverse of what most people do. Buy your second (vacation) home first.

Stay on the road for an extended period of time to save up your money then come home and buy a small home or trailer at the lake to really relax when you are not on the road.

You may be cut out to be good candidates for young couple trucking.

Now, at the very least you know about the option to decide if you want to use trucking to get ahead in life or remain just barely getting by on what you are doing right now.

Do Your Homework and Study the Players in the transportation industry.

Check out the different options provided at driver training schools and research the opportunities at small, medium and large trucking companies.

Good Luck making your decision!