Big Rig Trucking May Be The Answer To A Better Future For You and Your Family



The Positives of Big Rig Trucking: 

  • What other profession allows a person without or with only a high school diploma enter a 2 week intensive training program that lets you start making an average of $35,000 working as a company driver the first year out with the possibility to make $50,000 a year or more after a few years of over the road experience. 

"Is this good pay?"

According to many truckers, the annual pay examples are too low to be called "good pay" considering the large amount of hours you are required to work each week to make that annual amount of pay.

Good pay according to one trucker who sent us comments would be making $75,000 or more a year. We can't disagree with his idea of what annual good pay would be to make a good living.  

  • You have the potential to make over $100,000 a year as an owner operator once you get established? 
  • Driver demand for the trucking industry is at an all time high 
  • Unlike construction; you will still get your hours and your paycheck even if the weather is bad. 
  • Everyday is a new adventure 
  • You are not stuck in a cubicle for the next 30 years with the boss watching you every minute of the work day. 
  • You can choose to see the continental United States even Canada and Mexico if you desire that destination. Where many people spend their life only dreaming about seeing the mountains, Grand Canyon, the oceans and many points in between; you can be out there living the dream everyday.

The Negatives:


  • The annual average pay of $35K to $50K, according to truckers we have heard from, is too low considering the amount of hours required each week to make that annual average pay. 
  • Big Rig Driving means a big lifestyle change. 

No more being there for each little league game, school play, or hanging out with friends.

Over the road means you will be out on the road for days at a time. Many individuals and families have adjusted well to the lifestyle change. Can You and Your Family Adjust?

  • It can be lonely if you allow it to be that way. One driver we know uses his layover time to work on being the next best seller writer in addition to being a photographer capturing the beauty of the United States. 
  • One big surprise and definitely a big frustration many new drivers discover is the amount of hours you might have to spend on the dock waiting to get the load that still has to be delivered as scheduled. You have to stay visible and stay close to the dock to hear when they tell you the load is ready. The big frustration comes in because you know if the truck is not rolling you are not making money since you are paid by the mile. 
  • Expect to be away from home anywhere from one week to 4 weeks. Many companies trying to combat the driver turnover actually try to get you home for the weekend but few guarantee this possibility. 
  • Expect driving an average of 2500 miles a week. 
  • Expect to work 11 hour work periods. 


If You’re Still Reading at This Point

You have the desire and potential to be a Big Rig Driver to start making a steady paycheck.

"Is the Pay Good?"

You'll have to make that personal decision based on your needs.

You may decide the pay is good enough to get you off the unemployment line, out of an even lower paying job that doesn't make this much even with overtime, out of a dead end job you hate, or to give you a change in life.

Keep in mind that trucking is not just a career change. How you live your life now will be dramatically changed but it may be a change for the best. 

Big Rig wishes you much success in pursuing a trucking career.

Check out our Big Rig Training Locations Map to take the first step to putting money in your pocket.